Who sang sweet dreams first?

The song “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” was originally sung by the British band Eurythmics. It was released as a single in 1983 and was a huge hit, reaching the top of the charts in several countries. The song has been covered by many other artists over the years, including Marilyn Manson, who released a version of it in 1995.

The song “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” was first performed by the English band Eurythmics.

Who did a remake of Sweet Dreams?

The song “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” by Marilyn Manson is a cover of the song originally performed by Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart. Rolling Stone called the Manson version “a synth-pop masterpiece that made Lennox and Dave Stewart MTV superstars.” The cover was released as a single in 1995 and became a huge hit, reaching the top 10 in several countries.

Nine Inch Nails leader Trent Reznor and Marilyn Manson collaborated on a cover of Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).” The idea for the cover came from Manson’s first acid trip, according to his autobiography The Long Hard Road out of Hell. Manson often comes up with song inspiration in his dreams, but the idea to cover this song came from his first acid trip. The cover was produced by Reznor and released on the album Smells Like Children in 1995.

Which version of Sweet Dreams is the original

“Sweet Dreams” is a classic country ballad written by the legendary Don Gibson. Gibson’s original version hit the top ten of Billboard’s country chart in 1955, but was eclipsed by the success of a competing version by Faron Young. However, Gibson’s version is still well-loved by country music fans and is considered a classic in the genre.

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Why does he call himself Marilyn Manson?

Marilyn Manson is an American rock band formed by lead singer Marilyn Manson and guitarist Daisy Berkowitz in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in 1989. Originally named Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids, they gained a local cult following in South Florida in the early 1990s with their theatrical live performances. In 1993, they were the first act signed to Trent Reznor’s Nothing Records label.

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What is Marilyn Manson IQ?

Marilyn Manson is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor. He is best known for his controversial stage persona and image as the lead singer of the band Marilyn Manson.

Manson has been described as one of the most iconic and controversial figures in heavy metal, and he has been ranked number 44 in the “Top 100 Heavy Metal Vocalists” list by Hit Parader. In 2012, he was voted number 1 in Kerrang! magazine’s “The 50 Greatest Rockstars In The World” poll.

Manson has an estimated IQ of 148.

Manson’s cover of the Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” is one of his most iconic songs. The idea for the cover came to him during his first acid trip, according to his autobiography, The Long Hard Road Out of Hell. He says that he hallucinated a “slower, meaner” version of the dance hit playing, sung in his voice. Manson’s cover is darker and more menacing than the original, and it helped to launch his career as one of the most controversial rockstars of the 1990s.

What does Sweet Dreams stand for

Wishing you a good sleep! Sweet dreams!

In “Sweet Dreams”, Annie Lennox explores the contrast between the seemingly sweet dreams that often motivate us, and the sometimes dark undercurrents that run underneath them. The song has a heart-pumping beat, but the lyrics carry a dark message. Listeners have adapted the song accordingly, often using it as a motivating force in their own lives.

Can Brie Larson actually sing?

Brie Larson is an amazing singer and her voice is very unique. She has a great range and can sing both high and low notes. Her voice is also very powerful and she can hold a note for a long time. She is a great singer and I am sure she will continue to be successful in her career.

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Did they lip sync in Patsy and Loretta

The film features both Mueller and Hilty performing their own renditions of the singers’ classic songs, something that they found extremely challenging and important. “I find that there can be a huge disconnect if you are simply lip-synching to somebody else’s voice,” Hilty says.

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most famous actresses of all time. She was born Norma Jeane Mortenson on June 1, 1926, in Los Angeles, California. Her mother, Gladys Pearl Baker, was born in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico, to a poor Midwestern family who migrated to California at the turn of the century. Monroe’s father, Edward Mortenson, was not listed on her birth certificate, and she always believed that her father’s identity was unknown. Monroe’s mother was emotionally unstable and frequently institutionalized, leaving Monroe to be raised by a series of foster families. Monroe began working as a model in 1944, and her career took off after she signed with Twentieth Century Fox in 1946. Monroe’s films include “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” (1953), “The Seven Year Itch” (1955), and “Some Like It Hot” (1959). Monroe died of an overdose of barbiturates on August 5, 1962, at the age of 36.

Why did Marilyn Monroe talk like that?

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most iconic actresses in history. She is known for her beauty, her style, and her famous breathy voice. What many people don’t know is that her famous voice was actually a result of her childhood stuttering. The actress stuttered as a child, and yet the stuttering returned to plague her speech for two years in high school. Despite her speech impediment, Marilyn Monroe went on to become one of the most popular and successful actresses of her time. Her story is an inspiration to anyone who has ever struggled with a speech impediment or any other obstacle in life.

Marilyn Monroe wed her high school sweetheart, James Dougherty, in 1942. Monroe, then known as Norma Jean Baker, met Dougherty while living with a family friend in Los Angeles, California. The couple married just after her 16th birthday, after dating for a few months.


The answer is that the song “Sweet Dreams” was first recorded by the band The Eurythmics.

The answer is Whitney Houston.

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